My Toon Is Public, My Life Isn’t

Let me add myself to the increasing list of bloggers concerned about Blizzard’s move to have real names show up on their forums. I always draw a fairly thick line between my online identity and my real self. Why? For one, I live in India, where gaming itself is seen as something which adolescent kids do and definitely not for married men fast approaching forty. Hell, I get weird looks when I browse the graphic novels section in bookstores out here and when I queue up for Pixar’s latest without my kids in tow. A grown man playing a computer game? I’ll be hung, drawn and quartered without a trial.

Not that I’ve made it terribly difficult to find out my personal details. However, why make it a simple Google search away? I don’t have any real life friends who play WoW. As far as I know, only a few thousand gamers from India are subscribed. Last I checked, 99% of them are 25 or below, with a totally different lifestyle and background. I can’t relate to them, they can’t relate to me.

I value my privacy. I have no complaints about my life, but I love the fact that I’m able to spend an hour a day in an online world, taking a break from it. Please keep it that way, Blizzard.


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