Waiting for The Shattering

I did not do anything very significant in preparation for The Shattering, which is probably being applied to the servers as I type. I did not stockpile mats. I did not position my toons at appropriate (or inappropriate, for that matter) locations across Azeroth. I just set my main’s hearth to Orgrimmar and left it at that.

Not because I’m feeling blasé about the changes. On the contrary, I am looking forward to them. I want to experience the same sense of magic I felt when I created my first toon up on Durotar. The sense of wonder when I saw Darnassus. The Barrens. The excitement which I felt when I went through the Dark Portal and saw Outland for the first time. I’d love to live through all that again.

So, the first thing I am going to do tomorrow morning is to recreate that magic. I am going to re-roll my first ever toon, a Troll Hunter. I am going to equip him with a few BoA stuff to help him level and am going to discover Azeroth all over again. The new troll starting area would be a good place to begin all over again, even if it’s with an already existing race-class combination.

Looking forward to a whole new world. Let it begin.


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