Thorium Brotherhood Rep

I had totally ignored this group of dwarves when I leveled up Ambaa, choosing to breeze through a couple of quests in Searing Gorge and then move on to other areas. Ambaa grew to level 80, maxed out Enchanting (Tailoring and Cooking too), bought out the Enchant Weapon – Spellpower recipe for 3,000g and made a nice profit on that investment by selling the Scrolls to people leveling their caster alts.

Patch 4.01 came along after that, destroying this market. The Spellpower scrolls which were selling for as high as 800g at times, came down to 250. Intellect was the way to go on weapons. Which is when I found out about the Mighty Intellect enchant. This is now the best enchant for BoA items used by spell casters like Priests and Mages. The only problem with this recipe? It’s Bind on Pickup, sold only by the dwarves mentioned above and at Revered reputation too, at that.

I did quite a bit of research on Wowhead and as luck would have it, this research was done a week before the Pilgrim’s Bounty event and after Brewfest. Why are both events important? Well, the Bounty event gives you the Spirit of Sharing buff, which grants you a 10% increase to reputation gains for an hour. If you were lucky enough during Brewfest, you might have access to Direbrew’s Remote, which grants you instant access to the Grim Guzzler Inn, where Lokhtos Darkbargainer resides. I was lucky, I had the Remote. Just had to eat the food servings for the Sharing buff and I was ready to roll.

I bought stacks of Dark Iron Residue, Lava Cores, Fiery Cores and Dark Iron Ores and headed off to the Grim Guzzler Inn. I made a small mistake there as the Dark Iron Residue is accepted only by Master Smith Burninate, who is outside the dungeon and near the Searing Gorge Flight Path. Giving the Residues to him will get you from Friendly to Honored. Darkbargainer inside the Inn will accept all the others, which will help you proceed from Honored to Exalted in a matter of minutes, especially with the Spirit of Sharing buff. Hearth out and you are back in your home city, recipes in your bag. Ta-da! (You do need to get only to Revered to buy the Intellect recipe, but I thought I might as well go all the way since I was there anyway.)

I did buy my way to Exalted, but I’m hoping it will be worth the effort. Now for selling the Scrolls and – hopefully – raking in the moolah!


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3 Responses to Thorium Brotherhood Rep

  1. Curesrot says:

    Since 4.03a, the Thorium Brotherhood dwarves at Thorium Advance, on the western edge of Searing Gorge, have quests which give 1000 rep each on completion. Sadly, it seems to stop at 11999/12000 Honored, or I’ve hit another rep bug (given the state of things atm, and my experiences with Gilneas rep, I’m inclined to believe it’s bugged). This is a cheaper option than buying up cores 🙂

  2. ambaa says:

    Thanks for the tip! That explains why the prices of cores have fallen post 4.03a, I guess. Oh, well.

  3. Holykrapp says:

    The Thorium Advance is actually on the eastern edge.

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